May 10, 2021 • 39M

Mind-body connection Part 5 - The psoas, muscle of fear, emotions and health

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In this episode, part 5 of the mind-body connection, Cath Lyden, whom I met on my first yoga teacher training shares her story of ill health and how it all linked to her psoas muscle. We explore the connections of this almighty muscle to our physical, emotional and mental health.

~10 mins: Anatomy- what is the psoas and where is it?
~14 mins: The links to organs and the nervous system
~16 mins: The impact of a tight psoas on the body and the digestive system
~18 mins: The solar plexus and connection to the gut and nervous system
~21 mins: the stress reponse and psoas
~23 mins: the emotional release
~25 mins: yoga as a way to tend to mental health
~29 mins: psoas as the muscle of fear and protection
~31 mins: connecting to and releasing the psoas