I'm Virginie,

Resilience coach, yoga teacher, science lover, and mum of 2.

I help the stressed-out, overwhelmed, and anxious take-back control of their body and mind and build resilience so that they have the confidence that they're giving the best version of themselves in their professional and personal lives.

Throughout my life, I had bouts of anxiety, insomnia, and even depression when I was 19 years young. I was 33 the first time I stepped onto a yoga mat, a stressed-out mum of 2, working full-time as a project manager in the life science industry.

I believe we can improve our health and wellbeing in a holistic, natural way.

To be truly in health, we need to approach our being as a whole.

This is why today, having left the corporate world behind, I blend science and ancient wisdom through my MindHeartBody6 framework to help others find balance and build true resilience.

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Resilience coach, yoga teacher, mother of 2, and science lover.