Jun 21, 2021 • 21M

Stress: the good, the bad and the not so ugly

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Clan Wellness the podcast is brought to you by Virginie Ferguson, stress-management specialist and yoga teacher on a quest to demystify natural living, and wellbeing in a way that is approachable and inclusive. More on the website clanwellness.com!
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In this episode, I'm talking about stress. Why stres is not all bad as we always seem to think...in fact, it's actually good, so long as it doesn't become chronic!

~2 mins: Your nervous system
~5 mins: Your brain and threat centre
~6 mins: The stress response
~8 mins: Why stress is good
~8.30 mins: The "brake"
~9 mins: WimHof method
~10 mins: Nervous system flexibility and self-regulation
~12 mins: The effects of chronic stress
~13.30 mins:Techniques to apply the brake
~15 mins: Heart coherence practice