Apr 26, 2021 • 37M

Mind-body connection Part 4 - Heart coherence

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In the 4th episode exploring the mind-body connection (which I really think should be known as the body-mind connection!)I'm talking to Gavin Andrews, Director of HeartMath UK and Ireland about heart coherence.
Gavin explains what coherence is, and how we can tap into it to enhance our health and cognitive functions of the brain.
We finish with a lovely Heart Lock-in TM technique!

~ 1 min: Who is Gavin Andrews?
~ 5 mins:  What is heart coherence?
~7 mins: How do you get into coherence?
~ 8 mins: HRV and the importance of how we breathe
~ 10 mins: What the HeartMath technology shows
~ 14 mins: Biofeedback
~ 15 mins: Choosing positive emotions and their effect on our physiology
~ 19 mins: The effect of the heart on the way we think
 ~ 21 mins: The impact of stress on our brain
~ 22 mins:  Our " baseline operating system" and patterns creation
~ 25 mins: Heart Lock-in TM practice